Distance Learning Services Agreement

This agreement on the provision of educational services for distance learning of foreign languages ​​(hereinafter – the “Agreement”) is concluded by accepting this public offer of the LingvaDom online school (hereinafter – the School) by any interested legal entity or individual (hereinafter – the “Student”) (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties”, and individually – “Party”).

1. Definitions

1.1. “Agreement” – a contract for the provision of services for a fee, concluded between the School and the Student on the terms of this Offer.

1.2. “School Website” / “Website” is an automated information system available on the Internet at the network address https://lingvadom.com , including all its subdomains.

1.3. “Order” – the terms of the Services, agreed by the Parties by the Student performing the actions listed on the corresponding page of the Site or his Personal Account, necessary for the acceptance of this Agreement.

1.4.”Services” – Classes in teaching foreign languages.

1.5.“Lesson” is a remote session with a teacher through software (for example, Skype).

1.6.“Group Lesson” – A lesson conducted for two or more Students.

1.7.”Teacher” – the person directly conducting the lesson

1.8.«Personal Account ”is a personal section of the Site, to which the Student gets access after passing the registration and / or authorization on the Site. The personal account is designed to store student personal information, place orders, view statistical information about completed Orders, current balance and receive notifications.

1.9.“Rules” means the provision of the Services, including the Privacy Policy, published on the web page: https://lingvadom.com/politika-konfidentsialnosti-en/ .

1.10.“Terms” – these terms and conditions

  1. Acceptance and Subject of the Agreement

2.1. In accordance with this contract, the School shall provide the Student with Services for conducting classes, and the Student shall accept these Services and pay for them in accordance with the conditions stipulated by this Agreement.

2.2.When a student pays for his studies, the student is considered to have accepted this Agreement in full, without any reservations and exceptions (student’s acceptance). If the Student does not agree with any of the provisions of this Agreement, he is not entitled to use the Services.

2.3.This Agreement shall enter into force from the moment the Student expresses his consent with its terms in the manner provided for by paragraph 2.2 of the Agreement. Upon its entry into force, the Agreement may be amended by the School without any special notice. The new edition of the Agreement enters into force from the moment of its posting on the Website and is valid from the moment of such placement, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Agreement.

  1. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. The school undertakes to:

3.1.1. In the timeframe agreed by the Parties to provide services to the student in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

3.1.2. Use confidential information about the Student only for the learning process, not to transfer or show it to third parties.

3.1.3. Provide the Student with a personal account: a) with information about the classes held, the number of unused (available for training) minutes; b) any other information at the discretion of the School.

3.1.4.Timely provide the student with the necessary teaching materials.

3.1.5.Give oral and written advice to the student on his additional issues. The complexity of the issue, the scope and timing of counseling are determined in each case by the school administration independently.

3.2.The school has the right to:

3.2.1.  Independently determine teaching methods.

3.2.2.To independently determine the teacher for the student.

3.2.3. Require payment for services from the student.

3.2.4. Refuse to provide services to the student. Refunds for unused Services are made in the manner provided for in this Agreement in clause 7.

3.2.5. Receive from the Student any information necessary to provide the Services.

3.3. Student undertakes to:

3.3.1. Make payment for the Services in the manner provided for by this Agreement in clause 6.

3.3.2. Not to disclose confidential information and other data provided by the School in connection with the execution of this Agreement, not to disclose or disclose such information (except for publicly available information) to any third party without the prior written consent of the School.

3.3.3.Attend classes in accordance with the established schedule. Changes in the schedule are pre-negotiated with the school administrator and the teacher.

3.3.4.At the first opportunity to pay off the debt to the School, if any.

3.3.5. Follow all the recommendations of your teacher to achieve maximum results during classes.

3.3.6. Inform the Teacher and / or the School Administration about any problems arising in the process of providing the Services (for example, poor results, inadequate workload, etc.) in order to timely search for the causes and correct the situation.

3.4. The student has the right to:

3.4.1.Require the administration of the School information on the organization of its training.

3.4.2. Require proper and timely conduct of classes.

3.4.3.Refuse further education at any time.

3.4.4.Ask for a change of teacher, giving the school a reasoned reason.

3.4.5. Make changes to the established schedule in consultation with your teacher.

3.4.6.Transfer classes and suspend the learning process in the manner prescribed by this Agreement in paragraph 4.

3.4.7.Contact the school administration on all matters related to training.

3.4.8. Get complete and accurate information about the assessment of their knowledge and skills.

3.4.9.Require a refund for unused Services. Refunds are made in the manner prescribed by this Agreement in paragraph 7.

  1. Transferring and skipping of lessons, suspension of the learning process

4.1.The student has the right to transfer the lesson to another time. At the same time, he is obliged not less than 1 hour before the start of the lesson to notify the school administration and the teacher by email, phone (call or sms), Skype or Viber and receive confirmation of the transfer of the lesson from the administration or the teacher. In this case, the Occupation is considered postponed and held at another time agreed by the Parties.

4.2.If the Student does not enter the Lesson on time, the Teacher is obliged to wait for the Student during the entire time of the Lesson. The teacher deals with the student from the moment the student appears in the lesson. The teacher does not compensate the student for his late arrival. In case of non-appearance of the Student, the Lesson is considered to be missed due to the fault of the Student and is paid for in full.

4.3. If in the case of missed Student’s work, the Parties cannot agree on the date of the next Lesson for any reason (for example, the Parties cannot communicate with each other by email, phone, Skype or Viber), the School will unilaterally suspend the student’s learning process until the date of the next Lesson.

4.4.In case the teacher cannot continue to teach the Student, the School is obliged to inform the Student and offer him a replacement for the Instructor.

4.5. In the event that the School cannot conduct the Session at the scheduled time, it is obliged to warn the Student and transfer the Session to another time agreed with him.

4.6.A student can suspend the Lessons by notifying the School Administration by email, phone (call or SMS), Skype or Viber at least 12 hours before the start of the Lesson and receive confirmation of the suspension of the learning process from the school administration.

4.7.The maximum period for which you can suspend the learning process is 2 months. For children under the age of 17, this period is 3 months. If this period is exceeded, clause 9.3 of these Rules comes into force.

  1. Cost of services

5.1. Information about the cost of the Services is on the School Website: https://lingvadom.com/prices/

5.2.The school has the right to make changes to the cost of the Services without the consent of the Student.

5.3.The school is obliged to inform the Student about the new cost of the Services by email, phone (call or SMS), Skype or Viber at least 14 days before the date of the changes.

  1. Payment order

6.1.A student can pay for the Services on the School’s website on his / her own or apply for assistance with the administrator of the School.

6.2.Payment methods can be found on the School website or ask the administrator of the School. The school is not responsible if any of the payment methods is unavailable at this time.

6.3.The student is obliged to make payment no later than 24 hours before the upcoming Lesson. Otherwise, the School has the right to refuse the Student to conduct the Lesson.

  1. Refund for unused Services

7.1. Refunds for unused Services in cash equivalent are made upon request of the Student. In the event that this Agreement is terminated at the request of the Student, for a refund, he must provide the School with a reasoned refusal of the School Services. Upon return, the School has the right to withhold a commission of up to 15%. The method of refund is determined by the School. The refund period is up to 30 calendar days.

7.2.Bonuses are non-refundable.

7.3. If there were promotions or discounts when paying for the Services, the cost of the Services will be recalculated when they are returned.

7.4.In the case when the suspension of the student’s learning process exceeds the maximum term in clause 4.7 of this Agreement, unused Services are not refundable.

  1. A responsibility

8.1. In case of repeated or gross violation of the terms of this Agreement, the School reserves the right to stop providing the Services to the Student and refuse the Student to enter into a new Agreement on the terms of the Offer.

8.2.The student is aware that the School is not responsible for the operation of the software through which the Services are provided, as well as the provision of communication services.

8.3.In any case, the responsibility of the School is limited to the reimbursement of actual damage to the Student in an amount not exceeding the paid value of the Services under the relevant Agreement.

8.4.The student is not entitled to demand a refund for the Services used, if they were properly provided. Student’s poor results in education cannot serve as a reason for the return of funds for the Services used.

  1. Exemption from liability

9.1.The parties are exempt from liability for full or partial non-fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement if non-fulfillment of obligations resulted from acts of force majeure, namely: fire, flood, earthquake, strike, war, illness, death, actions of state authorities or other independent from the parties to the circumstances.

9.2.A party that cannot fulfill its obligations under this Agreement must, in due time, but no later than 60 calendar days after the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, notify the other Party in writing with the provision of supporting documents issued by the competent authorities.

9.3. In the event that the suspension of the student’s learning process exceeds the maximum term in clause 4.7 of this Agreement, the Agreement shall be deemed to be terminated unilaterally by the Student. In this case, all unused funds are canceled and the Student is not entitled to demand their return.

9.4.The Parties acknowledge that the insolvency of the Parties is not a force majeure circumstance.

  1. Other conditions

10.1.In the event of mutual consent, the Parties may use special Terms (confirmed in writing), which differ from the Terms of this Agreement

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